I can’t do this for much longer. It’s hard to live without having a reason to.


You say you want a better future, say you want peace,
yet all your habits never seem to cease, your grudges never been released.
Its been a while since you’ve had hope of a better life,
cause your future has been blurred, by this material world.

Don’t let money be your goal, when all you do is pack that bowl,
stuck in that same hole you call a home, and all you do is roam the streets, looking for fresh meat that you can fuck in your backseat, everydays on repeat, you ain’t shit.

Cause its fuckin absurd,
you just want your prayers to be heard, but its a shame,
how you treating life like its just a game.
All gain no pain, that’s the motto that you live by,
don’t even try to deny it, cause I seen it in your eyes,

How you deceive and lie, just to get what you want who you want,
How you put the blame on anyone or anything,
it don’t matter, cause all you’re used to is this self flatter,
and if someone looks at you wrong, you’ll rearrange their face.

Your fucking stupid if you think that things will change,
without any effort on your side, its time to drop your pride,
cause life is long ride, and it don’t get easier,
so don’t get too eager, when offered the easy way out.

Cause that’s a debt in the future that you’re sure to pay,
finish what you started, don’t leave things done halfway.
Face the problems that you created, though you may hate it,
cause that’s the only way to move forward,
it’s pretty fuckin straightforward.

You only get one chance to live this life, why live one that’s filled with strife? When you can fill it with happiness and laughter,
isn’t that what you’re after? A better life?
One where you can be free from these demons, once and for all,

So take that risk, take that leap, prepare for the fall,
and for one last time, its time give it your all, stand tall.
Throw away those pall malls, tear down those walls,
cause its time to be the best that you can be.

Everything feels so fucking fake in this world. The people, the friends, the memories, the hopes, this whole fucking life. 

I don’t wish for happiness. I just wish for this sadness to end.